PSE Surge – Quick Overview

pse_surge_ready_to_shoot_bow_package_1382011_2_ogPSE Surge from the house of PSE Archery is the answer to superior specifications at an economical price. It is a high precision economical bow for the price conscious customer. At a very competitive price, PSE has been able to deliver a high quality, powerful, accurate and high performance product.

It weighs 4.3 lbs, can be handled both sides and has a draw length of 29 inches. It is slightly on the heavier side, but it more than makes up with its super performance at a super price. The product comes with a whole lot of accessories like 3-pin set, rest, stabilizer, quiver, sling, peep sight and nock loop.

The single medium draw cams are superbly efficient and allow a silky smooth draw. The vibrations are minimal too, and noise is next to nil. The powerful shoot is capable of hunting down (legally) fairly big animals lie the grizzly bear or even an elephant. Yes, PSE Surge is exactly that powerful. So next time when you are looking for a powerful compound bow then you know which one to choose.